Defects and Surveys – Concrete Survey

Whether your premises or assets are concrete framed car parks, sea defences, marinas, a bridge, tower blocks or a PRC house, it is a fact that all concrete structures deteriorate with time.

The only variable factor is the rate of deterioration. Deterioration can simply have an effect on appearance or be as dramatic as to raise concerns over structural integrity. Damage due to fire or overload is often more obvious than damage due to deterioration and it is for that reason that all concrete structures need to be included in routine inspection programmes.

The earlier a problem is detected it is often the case that its repair cost is less. Whether it is a visual survey as part of a maintenance programme or to specifically investigate cracks or spalling concrete we can assist. It may also be that you are considering changing the use of a building or considering its purchase, again we can advise.

Having carried out an inspection and reviewed any available documentation we are able to undertake in-situ testing, sampling and laboratory testing if required to further assess condition. The results are then interpreted and assessments undertaken; costs considered having regard to design life and potential future expenditure and repair methods specified if necessary.

Specifications for the works can then be drawn up, tenders sought from specialist repair contractors and the contract administered.