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Our Approach | Richard Jackson Chartered Surveyors

We believe that the success of any project is based in close team working and effective communication between all parties. This ensures that the various elements of potential risk to a scheme are removed or at worst minimised to levels accepted and understood by all parties.

The concept of this ethos of risk management is core to our business and we achieve the desired outcome via a combination of factors which are detailed below. Our experienced team of engineers has a strong background in successfully delivering projects for both public and private bodies. This breadth of experience in project delivery makes us more able to be proactive in delivering projects within the agreed time scales.

Key to this is the experience of our senior staff who also act as the project design managers for the schemes. This means that we are able to assign a scheme to someone who has experience in the appropriate area and who is therefore best suited to managing the design of the job.

We actively encourage others within the team to become involved in the design process at the appropriate stage to allow the most appropriate solution to be arrived at. We are also strong advocates of the philosophy of having value engineering workshops on schemes (where appropriate) and have found that early contractor involvement can often be key to insuring that the solution is more effective and targeted to meet the particular circumstances.

We appreciate that for any project, control of expenditure can be key to both its smooth delivery and removing potential frustrations that can arise. In our experience, this is achieved by preparing and maintaining programmes for delivery and by providing regular progress updates (both formal and informal) to our clients so they have peace of mind that progress is being made.

Using this approach also allows us to keep all members of the team regularly updated in terms of progress and updates as to cost. By completing this process, we are also able to make sure that appropriate resources are allocated to schemes to meet committed dates for delivery.

Again this allows us to make sure we do not over commit to dates that we cannot achieve. During the course of a construction project, aspects and details have to change for a variety of reasons. This is frequently inevitable and can cause difficulties if not managed appropriately. When such instances arise, we will always look to resolve the issues with the team, agreeing the way forward together.

Where additional works are required, these will only be completed with agreement in advance. This process makes financial management easier for all and results in no surprises. Customer care is paramount to the Company and to help ensure that relationships run smoothly we appoint key client contacts for all of our schemes.

Key to this process are regular meetings between the interested parties to discuss all aspects of the relationship including progress to date, quality and also likely future work levels to allow appropriate allocation of resources to be made.

This process instigates a continuous improvement spiral which will continue to develop and strengthen the ongoing relationship. In turn this will lead to further efficiencies and improvements which will deliver and meet/exceed both ours and our clients requirements and expectations.

As a Company, we are acutely aware that construction operations affect local communities and we have a responsibility to all those who have come into contact with our activities. We aim to make a positive impact within the communities where we operate by contributing economically, environmentally and socially.

Much of our work is geared towards improving the built environment and we look to champion sustainable initiatives in our business wherever we can.

We look to also help promote and develop the construction industry in the local environment and work with local schools and colleges to help to develop the engineers of the future.

Here at Richard Jackson Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide intelligent engineering solutions by working together with the team on a project effectively, so that it meets all interested parties’ expectations.