Development Appraisal

We were instructed by BRB Residuary Limited to undertake both Phase 1 (desk study) and Phase 2 (intrusive investigations) for an area of derelict railway land at Herne Bay, Kent.

The initial Phase 1 works identified the area to have a significant history of use, forming part of a railway embankment, goods yard and coal depot, with Herne Bay railway station directly to the north.

We prepared a scope and undertook Phase 2 investigations that comprised a number of trial holes to identify the ground conditions and recover soil samples. A programme of both geotechnical testing and chemical analysis was undertaken to assess development potential and the contamination status, to aid in the sale of the land.

Subsequent to the production of a detailed interpretative report, advice was provided with respect to potential abnormal development costs associated with items such as foundations and contamination.