Housing – Stratford Eye

Client: London & Quadrant HA

Architect: ATP Architects

Contractor: Wates Construction

Value: £30 million

Stratford Eye project comprises a twenty storey tower block, a long residential block, known as the linear block, of up to seven storeys and a seven storey bespoke office block of some 10,000 square feet per floor. The project incorporates a combined heat and power station within the basement structure together with a gymnasium.

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link emerges from a route beneath the linear block & offices towards Stratford Station, some 500 metres away. The central line is also nearby and the main Norwich to Liverpool Street line is adjacent to the Northern boundary of the site. The tower and linear block are reinforced concrete whilst the office is a composite steel deck solution.

The composite steel solution was chosen to allow a taller office structure than would otherwise be achievable using concrete techniques. The tower is founded on piles, the most economic solution, whilst the remainder is a ground-bearing raft designed to suit ground bearing limitations imposed by Union Rail.