Industrial/Commercial – Havebury Housing Offices

Client: Havebury Housing Partnership

Architect: Vincent & Gorbing

Contractor: Jackson Construction Ltd

Value: £3 million

The design and build scheme comprised the demolition of an existing two storey concrete framed office building and the construction of a new two storey office building and associated car parking for Havebury Housing Partnership. The approximate value of the project was £3 million and the contract period was twelve months.

The Employer’s requirements specified the use of a naturally ventilated form of building where possible incorporating the appropriate level of thermal mass in order to assist with control of internal temperatures. To avoid restriction to the free flow of air from the front and rear walls through the central atrium area, we recommended the use of pre-stressed concrete double Tee beams.

This form of construction would allow pre-cast units 12m long to span the full distance between the external walls and central atrium area providing a relatively high quality soffit with a minimum obstruction to the free flow of air whilst maintaining the required level of thermal mass.