Infrastructure – Aldham Hill Mill, Hadliegh

Client: Persimmon Homes (Anglia) Ltd

Architect: David Monk

Contractor: J Breheny Contractors Limited Persimmon Homes (Anglia) Ltd

Richard Jackson Ltd has been involved for many years with the residential development within Hadleigh. Involvement commenced with demonstrating development viability and securing support from the local authority for the proposals. The services provided went onto include highway design and supervision to provide a new access road from the bypass.

This new road has unlocked further land to allow new housing and further industrial development to take place. This part of the scheme was a former munitions depot and works included off site highway improvements. On site the works comprised the design of the spine road and side roads and adoptable drainage along with providing access to a new primary school. The drainage required extensive attenuation systems to meet stringent EA restrictions on discharge of surface water drainage to the nearby river.

Richard Jackson Ltd undertook the design of the house foundations, retaining walls and finished levels for the houses, garages and gardens on a steeply sloping site.