Infrastructure – Beccles Business Park


Client: Minton Properties

Contractor: J Breheny Contractors Ltd

Value: £0.8m

Beccles Business Park is located to the south east of Beccles, Suffolk on the site of a former airfield.

The business park has been developed over a number of years and Richard Jackson Ltd were retained throughout to provide engineering and design advice on infrastructure requirements to suit the needs of potential tenants. We completed the detailed design of both the road and other associated infrastructure by phased extensions.

Our approach enabled flexibility to be retained to accommodate any changes in alternative tenant requirements that could have occurred. This has allowed our client to maximise their ability to market the development to a wide range of tenants from small 0.5 acre office plots through to larger plots for warehousing and distribution.

The drainage designed ensured that an existing offsite drainage network which had been originally installed for the business park some 20 years previously was capable of accommodating design flows to the requirements of such statutory bodies as the Environment Agency. Our designs ensured that this was achieved without the costly replacement of existing infrastructure and with minimal disruption to the adjacent highway network.