Specialist Surveys

Risk surveys report upon the threats and opportunities to prevent damage occurring whilst minimising costs, or unnecessary expenditure, in a consistent and controlled manner.

The benefits can be viewed not just in the context of the premises themselves but also in relation to the many and varied stakeholders, including third parties, who can be affected if an event occurs.

The probability of threats are assessed and advice given to reduce or eliminate events occurring, protecting the interests of all.

Richard Jackson Ltd can assist by undertaking desk top surveys to establish whether premises are at risk due to:

  • The close proximity of trees
  • The effects of leaking drainage
  • Landslip
  • Contamination associated with the presence of made ground
  • Flooding from tidal rivers

Where premises are particularly vulnerable risks can also be established for:

  • Mining subsidence
  • Radon gas exposure
  • Chalk solution features

Having established the potential risk, quantification and advice on avoidance or minimising the risk can be undertaken by a site visit, when viewing externally, to observe:

  • The position of vegetation
  • The location of drains
  • The susceptibility to landslip
  • The potential for harm from contamination to occur
  • Local features affecting flood water levels

Site visits can also be extended to include assessment of the risk of vehicle impact and the potential for boundary disputes to occur! With internal access fire, asbestos and security risk assessment advice can be given.